Spring - the best maping time
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 11:23

Well, it have been a while since we posted on web page and it is now time to correct that! As you may have noticed, we are publishing a lot of informations on weekly basis on our facebook page. You must have heard that we had quite hard times in Gorski kotar due to ice storm which destroyed a lot of forest and electric cables on altitude from 500-1000m. This is also the altitude where most of our maps are and mapped areas were mailny not usefull for running. Good news is that things are getting back to normal and that Croatia open 2014 is going on! Small video for upcoming edition is online and can been found HERE - have you seen it?

A lot is already done for Croatia open 2014 but we have still a lot to prepare for it. Courses are mainly done with exception for stage 4 for which we are still waiting map to be drawn. After 2008 courses will again be planned by experienced course-planner Tihomir Salopek and we hope you will enjoy on running our karst terrains. Soon you might expect that we will publish preliminary course lenghts.

As for mapping, 2014 will be for now our most demanding year since we will need to redraw and check all old maps and our wish is to give you some new areas never used for orienteering before. On left you may see sample of new map in Omišalj where second stage will take part. We can promise it will be rock&roll stage! Narrow street network is very complex, traffic-free and mind freezing for orienteering. On some places streets are less than 1 m wide!

We have updated some map samples in competition area section soo feel free to check it out! mapmakers are again coming to Delnice to finish new fantastic map above Delnice on 1100m. In case of clear sky we will even have Alps in singht from finish area but more about this soon ;). We hope that your training is going well and that you will be ready for new orienteering adventures in Croatia!


Photo: second stage on new map in Omišalj, island of Krk

Stages fixed!
Saturday, 15 March 2014 11:27

We started to recieve a lot of emails regards where Croatia open 2014 will be placed... And the answer is here: LINK. So, for all of you who didn´t read our previous post this winter will be remembered for a long time in Gorski kotar region. For second time in almost 100 years we didn´t had almost any of snow here in the mountains! And than at the begining of February we had ice storm in which almost all electric cabels and pillars were destroyed, as well as the trees. In some areas more than 90% of forest were under influence of ice. We have checked our maps and decided that there will be some minor changes in programme of Croatia open 2014!

Note: final programme is defined in invitation section. (April 16 2014)

Getting ready for new maps?
Thursday, 20 February 2014 22:23

Well, it have been a while since we post anything to our web pages... We have been very busy with organization of our new winter event Liburnija Orienteering Meeting which will take place on island of Krk. More than 100 entries from 10 countries makes us very happy and we hope that one day it will be nice starter of orienteering season in this parts of Europe.

And what is new in Gorski kotar? Ooooh well, not much - just that ice storm made quite a big damage on most of our club maps and forest is now full of branches and fallen trees. What does that mean than for Croatia open? That means that we will need to make some changes in programme and that we will probably not have 3 days in Golubinjak area. Instead, we will check areas which were not under influence of storm and this areas are above 1000 m. In April mapmakers will arrive to Delnice again and will make maps in mountains on areas which we wanted to preserve for future project but it seems that we will be forced to use them this year.

Expect every day different type of terrain ranging from continentall, karst and even alpine type of terrain. We will publish more information soon... Untill than you can check out why Daniel Hubmann likes Croatia, what Emma Klingenberg said for running on beach and who thinks we have World class event in this TEASER.

Ready for WRE in March
Friday, 17 January 2014 15:33

We are ready for Liburnija orienteering meeting on island on Krk - we got confirmed with WRE status for first stage - long distance, and we are now looking forward to event! By opinion of course setter - Matjaž Štanfel (also incharged for courses on Croatia open since 2009) this long distance will definetly be among best and most interesting courses in 2014 world wide due to rather uniqe type of terrain where your orienteering skills will be put on test. As from today bulletin 1 is online and can be found HERE. Are you going to miss it?

Active again
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:31

Our web master placed all data on current addres and once again we are back on old domain. For 2015 expect new web pages for both Croatia open and Liburnija orienteering meeting unified.

And what are the news? Well, mybe most important is that tourist agency Aurea agreed to help us with finding accommodation so it should be easier now to find suitable accommodation on island of Krk during Croatia open. We expect mapmakers to visit Croatia soon so new maps will be drawn in 2014 (check out competition area).


photo: snow on future map area...

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