Two days till second entry deadline
Tuesday, 13 May 2014 13:53

There are only 2 days untill second entry deadline! Map on Petehovac mountain is now done and there is only revision of map Delnice left so everything could be ready for this year. Also, since mapmakers made more than planned we will organise 2 days on Petehovac (middle distance therefore will not be in Golubinjak but on Petehovac!). This is the second time that we will change position of stages and we apologise for that. On the other hand you will have 4 out of 5 stages on maps never used for orienteering before with all stages close to competition centre in Delnice! And if you think that Petehovac will not be so interesting as Golubinjak - think again and look at small map sample on the left ;).

First map sample of Petehovac
Tuesday, 29 April 2014 16:47

Here it is, after many, many years of waiting for it - PETEHOVAC! Mapmakers are working even on rain and slowly we are getting better insight into terrain which will be - great! Petehovac will give Croatia open a new terrain and unlike of typicall karst terrains around Delnice it will give you new perspective of Croatian mountains. It is also very nice to see that there are only a few paths which will make orienteering even more interesting but also it seems that we will not have problems with details for "hiding" control points - as you can see from this small sample, expect a lot of knolls and small hills on gentle slopes.

Also have in mind that next entry deadline is soon - 15th May.

Map revision for first stage done!
Wednesday, 23 April 2014 15:17

Map revision for first stage is done! And you know what? Forest and terrain looks amazing! You may expect 2 types of terrain on this stage - very nice karst close to finish area and continentall slopes with sub-alpine vegetation. And there is also a lot of good news - mybe the most important is that as from today mapmakers are working hard on Petehovac mountain at 1100m a.s.l. so you might expect also some brand new map samples very soon.

Photo: Sunger - map revision for 1st stage is done

Saturday, 19 April 2014 12:35

New map is coming at Petehovac very soon and you will have chance to test it on 3rd stage of Croatia open 2014. Today we have made a short visit to Petehovac plateu - an area of more than 10 sq. km above Delnice on altitude of 1000-1100m. After all pre-test running on map area we can already say that it will be a very nice o-challenge! Finaly, we will make a map of fast area where running speed will be around 5min/km so you will have a chance to rest a bit from demanding karst terrains and test your technique while running in full speed in goregous beech forest above Delnice. Expect preserved forest with some boulders and rock who will remind you that we had Ice-age also in Croatia and lots of open areas - ex. pastures. But, let the pictures speak for itself: PHOTO GALLERY

Above: faster than 5min/km? Come and try it out!

Spring - the best maping time
Wednesday, 16 April 2014 11:23

Well, it have been a while since we posted on web page and it is now time to correct that! As you may have noticed, we are publishing a lot of informations on weekly basis on our facebook page. You must have heard that we had quite hard times in Gorski kotar due to ice storm which destroyed a lot of forest and electric cables on altitude from 500-1000m. This is also the altitude where most of our maps are and mapped areas were mailny not usefull for running. Good news is that things are getting back to normal and that Croatia open 2014 is going on! Small video for upcoming edition is online and can been found HERE - have you seen it?

A lot is already done for Croatia open 2014 but we have still a lot to prepare for it. Courses are mainly done with exception for stage 4 for which we are still waiting map to be drawn. After 2008 courses will again be planned by experienced course-planner Tihomir Salopek and we hope you will enjoy on running our karst terrains. Soon you might expect that we will publish preliminary course lenghts.

As for mapping, 2014 will be for now our most demanding year since we will need to redraw and check all old maps and our wish is to give you some new areas never used for orienteering before. On left you may see sample of new map in Omišalj where second stage will take part. We can promise it will be rock&roll stage! Narrow street network is very complex, traffic-free and mind freezing for orienteering. On some places streets are less than 1 m wide!

We have updated some map samples in competition area section soo feel free to check it out! mapmakers are again coming to Delnice to finish new fantastic map above Delnice on 1100m. In case of clear sky we will even have Alps in singht from finish area but more about this soon ;). We hope that your training is going well and that you will be ready for new orienteering adventures in Croatia!


Photo: second stage on new map in Omišalj, island of Krk

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