Active again
Wednesday, 04 December 2013 16:31

Our web master placed all data on current addres and once again we are back on old domain. For 2015 expect new web pages for both Croatia open and Liburnija orienteering meeting unified.

And what are the news? Well, mybe most important is that tourist agency Aurea agreed to help us with finding accommodation so it should be easier now to find suitable accommodation on island of Krk during Croatia open. We expect mapmakers to visit Croatia soon so new maps will be drawn in 2014 (check out competition area).


photo: snow on future map area...

Temporary moving to new address
Thursday, 21 November 2013 15:06

Croatia open will temporarely move to new web address: will still remain online and all information about Croatia open 2014 will be also published on our "old addess" but, we have in plan of publishing new concept of web pages for Croatia open 2015 where we will try to unify all our club events on one domain. Further vision of developing our web-pages is to have simple pages with all indormations necessary for orienteers regards event which would also be visually attractive.

And what is else new? Well, slowly we are heading into winter which should be full of studying (exam time is coming ;) ) and trainings for our club members (if they will not be too lazy). We will work on Liburnija orienteering meeting which should be intersting start of o-season but you can read more about that on our new pages :). Also, we hope you are training hard and that your shape will be the best in late July next year so you could try new maps in Croatia while orienteering in full speed - no mistake style.



Above: Map sample for Liburnija orienteering meeting (1st-2nd March 2014)

New pages coming up
Friday, 11 October 2013 19:00

It is quiet in Delnice now. Winter is slowly coming, rain is falling abut that don´t mean that we didn´t made anything for 2014. Most important is that we are working on new web pages. We need to admit that format of this kind of web pages with (too)much information was not the best. We are hoping that new web pages will be functional, nice and of course full of info about Croatian O-week 2014. croatia open 2014 will take part in northern Adriatic and Croatian mountains from 21-26 July 2014.

For now some basic information about 2014 can be found here:

We also made two big decisions:

1st - we want to organize EYOC 2016 on island of Krk on unique type of terrain! We are ready to put real test in front of Europaean youth orienteers - everything within walking distance from accommodation in centre of old town of Krk.

2nd - we want to organize WMOC 2018 on island of Krk and in Gorski Kotar region! Imagine combining holiday on both Adriatic sea and mountains! If we get this oportunity we will order maping of new areas never used for orienteering which we have been saving for special occasions and this will for sure be the one.

Also, Siven is no longer official sponzor of Croatia open so if there are other O-equipement producers interested into sponsor/ship related to Croatia open we would be glad to hear your offer.

For now please follow us on facebook where we are always active ;)

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