Croatia open Labyrinth Cup
Thursday, 17 July 2014 14:59

In adition to Croatia open on last 2 stages on Petehovac we will organize 1st Croatia open Labyrinth Cup! More about it can be found in INVITATION. Please note that limit is 64 runners.

We will use following elimination system for Labyrinth Cup:

First three kick-out rounds will be organized during 4th stage while quater finals, semi finals and finals will be organized during 5th stage. Pre-entry can be made on this LINK. List of entries can be found HERE - LIMIT 64 RUNNERS.

Last tips for second stage
Wednesday, 16 July 2014 10:42

Everything is checked in Omišalj once again and we would like to invite everyone to check where parking area for stage 2 will be - LINK.

Regarding second stage we have several warnings:

  • Altought map is covering mainly traffic-free area be carefull close to finish area where you could come across some cars on roads. Since it is only for guests of hotel complex cars will move at low speed, but please take care. This will not in any way influence on your result since we are not expecting many cars.
  • Streets in Omišalj are sometimes very narrow and irregular (look at the photo). Take care on corners and bends of streets because you could run into someone.
  • Be careful of local people on the streets. It is first time that orienteering will take place in Omišalj and we hope to leave good impression. Pushing other non-competitive persons is strictly forbidden and may result in disqualification!
  • Spike shoes are forbidden on second stage!
  • Routes will pass through steep park paths (downhill run) with many bends and stairs. Take care while running down those stairs.
  • Swimming is allowed along whole Adriatic coast in Omišalj.
  • Control points will be guarded. In case of missing control point we will have small papers placed on the ground for backup. In case of stollen control take this paper for validation of presence and let us know in finish area that control is missing.
  • After sprint stage extra prize-giving ceremony will be held in finish area for best three runners in each class and best six in elite classes.
  • There are no clothes restrictions for sprint stage.
  • Additional notes will be published in Bulletin - each club will get bulletin in club bag.

photo: narrow street in Omišalj

Waiting for the maps
Tuesday, 08 July 2014 12:18

Slowly Croatia open 2014 is aproaching and good news is that we are working hard and in full speed so most of the things could be ready at least one week before start of the event.

We have recieved some questions regarding start time - "zero" start time will be at following hours:

1st stage - 16:00

2nd stage - 17:00

3rd-5th stage - 10:00

If for example on first stage your start time is 75:00 it means that you need to be in front of your (BLUE or WHITE) start corridor at 17:15.

Otherwise we are working hard to have everything ready one week before official start of the event and we hope you will enjoy gorgeous terrains and fun courses on Croatia open 2014. Also, map printing process is done and soon we will have maps in Delnice where each map will be checked. For third year in a row printing is done by well-known Žaket.

Photo: maps of Petehovac

Ready for start list
Wednesday, 02 July 2014 07:11

Online entries and accommodation booking is now closed! You may enter Croatia open 2014 now only by sending us data by e-mail. Your entry will be accepted only in case if we have vacant places in category (we plan to have 2 vacant places in each category). We got 577 entries so we expect less stress for the organizer than during last years when we had more than 1000 competitors but we will do our best to even raise the standard of the event!

For now you may take a look at final entries (updated on July 10). Please check your data. In case if your payment status is PARTLY it means that you did not pay for accommodation. Also send us any change of data as soon as possible so we could avoid changes in last moment (such as SI number, name, category etc.)

Also Tihomir Salopek made very good job with course-planning and we hope that all of you will enjoy technicly difficult courses. Course lengths can be found HERE. Note that we will have 2 start positions - white and blue start.

Yesterday map files were sent for printing and everything should be ready on time. Today we will start with making of start list so you might expect it soon to be published on web.

Last entry deadline in few hours
Monday, 30 June 2014 20:33

For few hours last entry deadline for Croatia open 2014 is aproaching... We are receiving a lot of e-mails regards accommodation so now you can find updated list of registred runners for accommodation in sport hall in Delnice. Soon we will publish final course lenghts and we will be more active on web pages so stay tuned!


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